6 Reasons Why Hideaway is the Best

80% Less Space Than a Traditional Bed

Murphy wall-beds allow you to utilize more of your square footage and also works perfectly as a second bed option for your guests. This DIY bed would also be great for a primary bed in a small apartment or studio.

The Best DIY Custom Murphy Bed Instruction Guide

The detailed instructions are thorough and easy to follow. You'll receive a full color XL sized design and construction instruction booklet. Each step is linked to an animation video that makes it simple to assemble and install your murphy bed frame & cabinet enclosure. It also includes a clear and easy to follow plywood cut sheet. 

Affordable and Customizable

Building a murphy bed rather than purchasing a prebuilt murphy bed cabinet both saves a fortune and allows you to construct the cabinet exactly how you want it.Build a modern murphy bed with shelves, a murphy bed desk, add slats on the face panel, or ornamental trim to the murphy bed cabinet. You can create a bed using your own sense of style.

Includes Tools That Other DIY Kits Don't

Hideaway is the the only murphy bed kit that includes additional tools with over a $50 value. You'll get an edge band trimmer to band the wood veneer strips to your cabinet grade plywood edges. You'll also get a 5 piece countersink drill bit set to ensure your screw heads are flush. Lastly, you'll get a hex-shank forstner bit that is sized to mount our custom hardware to the wood.

Raise-Assist Gas Piston Mechanism For Easy Opening & Closing

The mechanism works with a piston mounted on a hinge to assist you when opening and lowering the mattress frame. It is calibrated to keep the front of the bed frame in an upright position when you want it closed and allow the bed to stay open when you want to lay on the mattress.

Lifetime Warranty on Hardware

We back the quality of our bed frame kit with a lifetime warranty on the hardware. Register your your murphy bed hardware kit here.

A Murphy Bed Built How You Want

Maybe you want to construct an upright vertical mid century modern murphy bed with shelves attached. Or a custom folding wall bed out of birch plywood with shakers. Or even a hidden bed that folds up in to your closet.

This murphy bed kit and instructions allow you to customize the entire project until you're extremely satisfied. While you will need to keep the weight of the cabinet face in mind, your do it yourself wood working skills are the true limit of what you're able to build!

We Don't "Hideaway" from Our Competition

A Comparison Chart Showing Why We're Better Than The Top Competing Brands.

Lifetime Warranty
Pressurized Gas Piston Mechanism
American Company
XL In-Color Instruction Booklet (15." x 10.75)
QR Integrated Paper & Video Guides
Include Edge Band Trimmer, Countersink Bits, & Forstner Bit (Required For All 3)

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Home Improvement DIY Experience Do I Need?

While we wouldn't recommend this be your first "do-it-yourself" project, we took great care to make the construction of the cabinet as easy as possible. Cutting the pieces accurately is the most difficult part, and we recommend that those who are uncomfortable with this just have the folks at the hardware store cut it for you.

If you can measure, mark, and use a cordless drill - this bed should be easy to put together for you.

Do You Need A Special Murphy Bed Mattress?

Nope! Because this is a folding wall bed and not a chest-style murphy bed, you can use a normal foam or spring mattress. The only caveat is that the thickness should be under 12 inches and fall within a specific weight range noted for each variation.

How Much Does A Completed Murphy Bed Cost?

It varies by location and the size of bed frame you choose. If you're building a vertical queen murphy bed for example, you will need (4) 3/4" Thick plywood sheets + (2) 1/4" thick plywood sheets. Additionally, you'll need to purchase 100ft of edge band wood veneer, some standard wood screws, and potentially wood glue or other basic items that you may not have on hand. As of 2024, in our area (Southern Wisconsin) we'd expect an additional $450 or so (Not including the hardware) If you're using high quality birch plywood. That number can vary by location and current prices of lumber though. 

What If I Don't Have a Table Saw?

Not to worry! Most home improvement stores will cut the wood to size for you. All you need to do is provide them the cutting guide and they'll cut it for you. Home Depot for example offers cuts at $0.25/cut which means you'll pay only around $5 to have all of that work done for you. Well worth the money in our opinion - Just be sure to verify that all of the cuts are done accurately.

Are Murphy Beds Comfortable

Yes! Murphy beds are just as comfortable as any other style of bed. You can use a normal mattress, so your sleeping experience will be the same.

What Are The Steps To Build A Murphy Bed?

  1. Purchase Materials & cut plywood to size
  2. Edge Band the plywood
  3. Attach The Hideaway Murphy Bed hardware
  4. Assemble all of the components together
  5. Mount To The Wall & Attach Cabinet Face Stopper

What Are The "Bonus Tools" for?

  • The Edge Band Trimmer is used to help with the edge banding in step 1. Sold separately, they're around $25 so we've included it so you don't need to buy one.
  • The 5pc countersink drill bit set is used to make tapered pre-drilled holes keep the screw heads flush so you're pleased with the final quality of the bed. 
  • The forstner bit is sized specifically to mount the included hardware to the wood. 

Is There A Lifetime Warranty?

Yes! We proudly back our top notch product. Just register your purchase here.

What Sizes Do You Offer?

  • Vertical Queen Murphy Bed Kit
  • Horizontal Queen Murphy Bed Kit
  • Vertical Full Murphy Bed Kit (The same as a Vertical Double Murphy Bed Kit)
  • Horizontal Full Murphy Bed Kit (Again, the same as a Horizontal Double Murphy Bed Kit)
  • Vertical Twin Murphy Bed Kit
  • Horizontal Twin Murphy Bed Kit

Is Wood Included With The Kit?

No, It is not. You'll need to purchase it separately at the hardware store. See "How Much Does A Completed Murphy Bed Cost" above for more details.

What Is Your Return Policy?

We offer free returns for 30 days.

Can You Disassemble The Bed

Yes, you can. 

Can I Paint Or Stain The Bed Cabinet?

Yes, You can do either. We'd recommend doing this before assembly because it will be easier to do while disassembled. 

Can I Use MDF, Melamine, Or Particle Board?

For the exposed faces of the cabinet, yes. The instruction guide comes with an alternative guide for building with MDF.

What Is The Most Challenging Part Of The DIY Project?

Cutting the wood precisely. If you don't have the confidence to do this accurately, we recommend having the hardware store or lumber yard do it for you. The rest of the project requires fairly basic DIY skills. 

What Else Do I Need To Purchase To Complete This Project?

You can download the instruction guide of the variation you're considering purchasing to get an exact list of the basic tools and supplies you'll need. The list will be included in the "Before You Begin" guide.

How Can I Contact Customer Service?

Use The Form Here to submit any inquiries - We have a US-Based support team that will get back to you in a timely manner

Why Is The Pressure Piston Better Than A Spring Mechanism?

The piston is an easier installation process, safer to use, and lasts longer. It also makes raising and lower the bed easy.

How Long Does It Take To Build

It varies, but we estimate approx 15-20 hrs. 

Should I add the Optional Leg Crossbar?

Its up to you. The bed comes with folding legs, but not a crossbar. You can purchase one separately if you'd like the legs to raise and lower simultaneously.

How Much Ceiling Clearance Do I Need To Accommodate Install?

While you could modify how you mount the space-saving bed to your wall to allow for near zero clearance required, we'd recommend just enough space between the top of the bed and ceiling that you can reach your fastening tools.

What If I want To Be A Distributor Or Purchase In Bulk?

Contact Us Using This Form

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